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Paula Deen is a shitty person

  • Her saying the Nigger wasn’t even the WORST thing
  • It all started because FBI was questioning Paula Deen
  • Because a former employee claimed she was harassed, paid less (because she was a woman), and physically abused while working at Paula Deen’s restaurant
  • The former employee happen to mention to the FBI about Paula Deen’s racist weeding fantasy.
  •  The FBI asked Paula Deen has she ever said Nigger and did she ever mention a wedding fantasy that included Black people dressing as slaves and serving dinner.
  • The actual black employees at Paula Deen’s restaurant actually were treated shitty, paid less, had to enter the restaurant in through the back door (similar to actual slavery)
  • Paula Deen paid female employees less money and if people quit they black balled that person from gettin another restaurant job.
  • The Paula Deen incident is 100% about power abuse. People working for her and her brother were being physically abused, racially discriminated against, and unfairly treated.
  • Many Paula Deen supporters are saying this all about her using the “The N-Word” when in reality Paula Deen and her brother were misogyinst, racist, who treated employees like they were sub-human.

If you support Paula Deen in anyway you are a racist  and shitty person. This Paula Deen incident needs to be heard and the whole story needs to come out. Because her just saying “The N Word” is how many people are trying to spin the story, but the reality is Paula Deen made people’s lives a living hell for YEARS

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